Air Ambulance India

Privacy Policy

At Air Ambulance India, we are committed to maintaining the highest standards of privacy and ensuring the confidentiality of our patient’s information. This privacy policy outlines our practices concerning the collection, use, and protection of patient data. We take privacy seriously and comply with all applicable privacy laws and regulations.

Patient Consent:

Before we collect, use, or share any personal or medical info about you, we ask for your clear permission. We make sure you understand why we need your information.

Confidentiality Assurance:

We promise to keep your details confidential. Our team is trained to handle your sensitive information carefully, and we use strong security measures to stop anyone from accessing it without permission.

Compliance with Laws and Regulations:

We stick to all the privacy rules and laws, both in our country and internationally. We regularly check and update our policies to make sure we’re always following the rules.

Limited Access to Information:

Only the people who need your information for air ambulance services can access it. We have strict rules to make sure no one else can get in.

Secure Data Storage:

Your data is stored very safely using special codes and secure computers. This protects it from being seen by anyone who shouldn’t.

Data Sharing Protocols:

If we need to share your information with doctors or hospitals involved in your care, we have clear rules for how and when we do it. We only share what’s necessary for your treatment.

Purpose Limitation:

We only collect and use your information to provide air ambulance services. We don’t use it for anything else unless you say it’s okay.

Data Retention Policy:


We retain patient information only for the necessary duration required for the provision of our services. Once the information is no longer needed, it is securely disposed of in accordance with our data retention policy.

Communication of Changes:

Any changes to our privacy policy will be communicated to patients in a transparent manner. If necessary, we will seek renewed consent for the updated practices.

Training and Awareness:

Our staff undergoes regular training to ensure awareness of privacy policies and the significance of patient confidentiality. This includes ongoing education on the latest privacy best practices.

Third-Party Agreements:

If any third-party entities are involved in our services, we ensure that they uphold similar standards of privacy and confidentiality. Agreements are in place to safeguard patient information.

Patient Rights:

You have the right to see your records and ask us to correct them. We respect and follow these rights as per the laws.

Incident Response:

In the event of a data breach, we have protocols in place for immediate response and mitigation. Patients will be notified as required by law.

Anonymous Data Use:

Any anonymized or aggregated data used for research or statistical purposes is done with careful consideration of patient privacy.

Contact Information:

We provide clear contact information for patients to address any concerns or questions regarding their privacy. Our dedicated support team is available to assist with privacy-related inquiries.

At Air Ambulance India, we value the trust you put in us. Our commitment to keeping your information secure is reflected in this policy. If you have any questions or concerns about your privacy, please get in touch with our team.