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Not just in Air Ambulance, not in Train Ambulance, but in Ground Ambulance Service in Patna, Ranchi, Delhi has created its unique niche in Delhi. We are based company and have been in this market since good times. In our Ground Ambulance Service, small and full size vans are fully air-conditioned with mandatory and life-saving equipment. You can book our Ground Ambulance Service online or offline. Our valuable and advanced ground ambulance has really proved to be a valuable gift for all the people who have had trouble flying and often found it affordable. We are providing advanced ground ambulance service for you all over India.

Our ground ambulance service is very profitable and has come as a boon for patients who cannot fly due to medical problems or cannot carry air ambulance service. 2-3 family members are allowed to go with the patients depending on the condition of the patients. Our skilled team regularly updates family members about the condition of patients. To get ground ambulance service, you just need to call us or make an online request with your address and contact number. Our skilled team will take care of the rest. They will take a brief history of the patient’s current and past medical records and create an action plan accordingly.

Now take advantage of multiple low cost services offered by Air and Train Ambulance Service in India.

Ground ambulance services are appropriate when the patient is being moved from one place to another. Each of our ambulances has at least one professional doctor including a critical care consultant, neurologist, cardiologist, orthopaedic, anaesthesiologist and others for specialized care of patients with a trained nursing staff.

The ground ambulance service has air-conditioned small size vans and full size vans with all the necessary life support equipment and medicines. Our air-conditioned ambulance mimics the environment of the Intensive Care Unit (ICU).

Family members can ask and clear everything. Then after final confirmation from family members, our team will reach the patient’s location within an hour and take the patient to any desired location inside or outside the state in our ICU duplicated ambulance.

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