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We at Air Rescuers aviation assure you high quality aircraft and services that will meet or exceed all your expectations.

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Giving the best of services and keeping up with all of their medical needs Air Ambulance India is doing its job perfectly. Air Ambulances are made to transfer sick or injured people from one place to another and hence their experience should be more comfortable than any other experience. And with that the facilities provided in Air Ambulance India, we take care of every patient’s need by giving special treatment to them be it physician, respiratory therapist or other medical official. We provide them all the necessary treatment they need.

Our air ambulances are private jets that give total security and safety while keeping in check all the needs of the patients. With spacious interiors, these highly equipped aircrafts are best to serve all medical needs in the air and helps smooth landing of patients to the required destinations. We at Air Ambulance India have our set of best aircrafts to serve your needs. The best aircrafts like King Air C 90B, King Air B20, King Air 350, Citation Bravo, Pilatus PC 12, Falcon 10, Citation 7, Hawker 700, Challenger 600, Falcon 900, Gulfstream 3, Bombardier Challenger 604, Beech Jet 400A, Boeing Business Jet, Citation CJ2, Citation 5, Citation 3, Falcon 20, Falcon 50 and Challenger 601. These aircraft ambulances are specially designed to take care of the needs of the patients. It is also equipped with other hospital equipment like EKG (Electrocardiograph Machine) and other essential and basic amenities for keeping the health of the patient in check.

We at Air Ambulances India transport our patients using the international stretcher services on the commercial airlines. When used our services with commercial aircrafts, we block the rows on the commercial airline to allow room for the AAI stretcher and surround it with a curtain. Even if you use our services with other commercial airlines, we arrange all the necessary medical staff and equipment for the flight.

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